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Team NINJA Playground


Team NP

Team Ninja Playground started in 2018 and our competitors are both male and female, ranging in age from 8- 47 (but you can be older). With coaching from a real American Ninja Warrior, the team takes regular training to a higher, more intense level than regular classes. 

Cannon Meyer pushes his team with not only endurance and strength, but agility and focus as well. He teaches proper technique in obstacles and also puts special emphasis on a positive mindset. He believes that without the right mindset, athletes will not be able to improve and push past exhaustion, sore muscles and just plain falling down! Together, the team supports each other with encouragement, determination and the right attitude.

Team NP competes in the Colorado Ninja League (CNL) and the Ultimate Ninja Athletic Association (UNAA) in Wyoming and Colorado. 

If you think you have what it takes to compete on Team NP, contact us today! The prerequisite for Team NP is a minimum of 3 months of classes and tryouts with the coach!



The Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA):


"Is the official Global League of World OCR for Ninja Competitions.

UNAA promotes and organizes an international series at Ninja Obstacle course Gyms and competitions across the world. The UNAA World Series includes Area Qualifiers, Regional Qualifiers and the Ultimate Ninja World Championship Finals each year."

You must register with the UNAA to compete in the association.



The Colorado Ninja League Mission: 

"Our mission is to promote the sport of Ninja Obstacle Competition (N.O.C.) in the state of Colorado for athletes of all ages. The CNL is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to creating a series of meets at Ninja gyms throughout the state of Colorado. Any individual, group or facility may register & enter as many competitors as they like into any CNL meet. All registration funds go directly to prizes for CNL athletes." 

You must register with the CNL to compete in the league.